Wild Blue - Satellite Internet direct to your home.

Dove Digital Services, based in Louisiana with branch offices in Texas provides installation and support services to small office/home office and residential customers.

The Wild Blue platform provides solid, affordable, fast and scalable Internet access for your mission critical business operations.

Why Dove Digital powered by WildBlue Satellite Speed Internet?

Available – WildBlue can deliver broadband Internet services to virtually every home or small office in America.  If you are located in the continental US and have a clear view of the southern sky, you too can enjoy the benefits of high-speed internet.

Fast – WildBlue gives you faster speeds for the applications you use daily over current dial up speed.

Flexible - WildBlue allows you to select the service plan to fit your unique needs.   You can also increase or decrease speeds using the same equipment.

Affordable – WildBlue delivers broadband Internet services at industry-leading monthly prices and a low upfront cost for equipment and installation.

National, Single Provider - Dove Digital provides broadband service to virtually any location in the continental US by a single provider with a large, certified, professional installation and service network nationwide.

WildBlue offers you high-speed Internet access via satellite to almost every corner of the U.S.!  Imagine "always on", lightning-fast connections to the Internet from even the most remote locations! No more dialing into a slow connection. No more delays. No more wondering if high-speed Internet will ever reach your location! Get connected the way you've always wanted to: fast, stable, and reliable!